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Saturday, 3 December 2011

This Blog.

I know I said Monday for a blog but today has been a day to write about.

It all started when I finished chatting to my sister Jodie to then have a shower and go to town to see Happy Feet 2 got my 2 neices ready and we set on our way to the bus. Well molly who is 6 decided to throw a tam trum after paying for the tickets what cost me £25 so I got a refund on those after a while of hearing her crying and moaning being such a spoilt girl. We then got on the bus and came straight home so instead I got Olivia(who is 4), myself and Kim(who is my sister) and went to Mc Donalds I really dont like Mc Donalds its not real food to me but I went for my neice Olivia for she was a good girl all day after eating to "food" I saw a Jungle Gym for the children to play on so I watched her play on there for an hour she really enjoyed it i pretended ot be a zombie and ran around to get her she was laughing it was a pretty good night.

Well looks like I shall be watching Happy Feet 2 myself.

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  1. Oh not very nice Molly tell her she cant go hello kitty shop if she acts like that lol.