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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Came today.

Got home from work i did an extra hour over time. They was putting me down for a 20 minute break even though i was working 8 hours i dont think so i took 30  plus my boss was there did i care NOPE if she didnt like it so what. soon as i finished i set of home waited like 5 minutes for the number 42 bus soon as i got home i saw my parcel it was my Butler and Wilson Necklace arrived YAY ME! its so sparkly and soooo colourful tehe i cant wait for the sun to come out it will look amazing :D I even coloured my hair hair last night half black and half purple i dont have photos just yet for i havent been out so i might make my self up and take photos just to show my hair here are some photos of my necklace and even my crocodile head ring again butler and wilson:

Me with my pink circle lenses.

Me with my crocodile ring and my system apple ring (SAME AS KOZI FROM  MALICE MIZER)

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Butler and Wilson.

Well have the whole week off for my birthday so i was away from work yay me. I got my wage on Friday so i went of into town and got a few new things presents really. The shops i went into was HMV but they didnt have the film i wanted so i gave up looking for it. So i went into butler and Wilson got a few things in there i got my twin sister a pair of Gingerbread men earrings my other sister Kim some angel wing earrings for a very early birthday present to her and i got myself a crocodile ring and a multicolour skull necklace here are the pictures of what i got:

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Bubble Gum.

Just got home from work today to notice I received a parcel and to find it was my Bubble Gum Flouring and I must say omg it smells soooo nice and taste to cute(does that make sense?) I can not wait to make a marble colour fudge that taste like bubble gum. tehe :D

Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Wow went to the gym today did an hours work enjoyed it :D and when i got home i noticed how i recieved my other new purse what i got just for my mp3 player and i got a free cute badge to :D here are my 2 new purses: I got the chocolate tofu purse and the chocolate soybean purse. arnt that cute?  I got them from a site called take alook!!

Friday, 6 January 2012


Just been listening to some really good Disney remix songs well I like them :D.

My recent activities well I am now a member of the Gym  i am gunna go Tuesday and Wednesdays for like 45 mins :D I cant believe I did it. But I am going on hiliday this year so I want to look good :D JAPAN HERE I COME!

Monday, 2 January 2012

Been a while.

Well it has been a while since writing my last blog. I have been through abit of a hard Christmas hasnt been a good one well for me. I have been trying to keep strong and I have been thinking positive about my sistuation.

I aint going to mention what it is for it is my business.

I didnt get much for xmas just a few tops and shirts thats about it.