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Monday, 5 December 2011


Got up at 3.45am for work got dressed washed brushed my teeth and what not and then set of to work at 5.10am got the bus at 5.23am clocked in at 6.00am just faffing around doing bags and grabbing a trolley for my news papers and then listened to a guy at work singing opra down the mic what was good. It was just a couple of Xmas songs I guess it was to lift the mood abit.

The day hasnt been toooo bad yes pretty good. I did find the time going quickly to 10.00am so I went on my break noticed my milk had gone so no proridge for me just orange juice and a chocolate criosant.

Finished at 2.00pm walked around town for abit got my brother in law his Xmas present and some other friends bus was taking ages to arrive I must of waited at least 45 minutes grr.  I am right now chilling listening to XA VAT! awesome.
And I am thinking of getting a bath later might put some bath bombs in there aswell tehe :D

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  1. What you get Matt and is it the bath bombs from Olivia?