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Wednesday, 21 December 2011


Went into a shopping centre after work yesterday and i saw Santa so i ran over and took a photo and i wished him to give me happiness for next year. It was fun he looked just like the pictures on the card he was awesome here is a photo:

Thursday, 15 December 2011


Well found out today I shall be starting work at 5am for next week and I shall be finishing at 1pm I aint looking forward to it but what can you do? I managed to put a hole in my sock today clever of me and I am stuck with 2 guys after me at work lol where are all these men coming from?.

Just got a DVD today for a present for the grandparents I know they will like it for they keep telling me they watch it when its on we have alaugh talking about it.
I am still waiting for my pink contact lenses how long are they going to be?

Monday, 12 December 2011

A Work Party!

Went out to a staff due in Sunday night it was for xmas it ok i guess better then last year went around and took photos the games and prizes where so so. So far i give this one a 6 out of 10.

Thursday, 8 December 2011


Wow well I am finding it hard to write a post every day for I do the same thing all the time. Well today went to work finished at 2.00pm got home and I  sat in front of the fire to get warm fir it is getting cold not that winter is here wow the rain the wind the frost is on its way and waking up at 4.00am for the bus its freezing.

I am right now waiting for my ham to cook for have a sandwich with salad and onion abit of veg tehe got the be healthy now dont we?

well ta ta

Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Well same again woke up at 4 got to work at 6 just the same I do every morning.

But today was different I got to try out my awesome pen everyone loved it they was saying wow what a pen I am going to take that from you when you are not looking. TEHE well after that I finished work at 2.00pm got home at around 3.00pm and I might watch a film called Sakuran what is really good well I enjoy it.

Well bye bye

Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Well got up at 3.45am got dressed and washed and what not and set of to work at 5.00am started at 6.30am work was fun today we have Xmas music playing again it always comes on at 12.00pm so we was all happy and jolly :D so I finished work and got on the bus and found my parcel from my sister Jodie and my brother in law Keisuke. I have waiting 2 and a half month yay my camera is here along with my awesome awesome awesome WIGGLES PEN! what I am going to use for work.

Well thank you very much guys for the parcel :D I love it!

Monday, 5 December 2011


Got up at 3.45am for work got dressed washed brushed my teeth and what not and then set of to work at 5.10am got the bus at 5.23am clocked in at 6.00am just faffing around doing bags and grabbing a trolley for my news papers and then listened to a guy at work singing opra down the mic what was good. It was just a couple of Xmas songs I guess it was to lift the mood abit.

The day hasnt been toooo bad yes pretty good. I did find the time going quickly to 10.00am so I went on my break noticed my milk had gone so no proridge for me just orange juice and a chocolate criosant.

Finished at 2.00pm walked around town for abit got my brother in law his Xmas present and some other friends bus was taking ages to arrive I must of waited at least 45 minutes grr.  I am right now chilling listening to XA VAT! awesome.
And I am thinking of getting a bath later might put some bath bombs in there aswell tehe :D

Sunday, 4 December 2011

This Blog.

Well just woke up and chatting to my sister Jodie while having XA VAT THE VAT DANCE in my head over and over again. I know later on I will be seeing my grandparents later today like I do every Sunday and knowing I have working tomorrow aswell my weekend sure is boring.

In other hand I am thinking of getting some kool awesome pink contact lenses for my brown ones came quick they look really nice. I shall take a photo of them later for now I am still waiting for my camera to come along I have been waiting for 2 months now.
I have never had a diary or anything like this so I dont really know what to write in this type of thing but I guess I shall mumble like I am doing.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

This Blog.

I know I said Monday for a blog but today has been a day to write about.

It all started when I finished chatting to my sister Jodie to then have a shower and go to town to see Happy Feet 2 got my 2 neices ready and we set on our way to the bus. Well molly who is 6 decided to throw a tam trum after paying for the tickets what cost me £25 so I got a refund on those after a while of hearing her crying and moaning being such a spoilt girl. We then got on the bus and came straight home so instead I got Olivia(who is 4), myself and Kim(who is my sister) and went to Mc Donalds I really dont like Mc Donalds its not real food to me but I went for my neice Olivia for she was a good girl all day after eating to "food" I saw a Jungle Gym for the children to play on so I watched her play on there for an hour she really enjoyed it i pretended ot be a zombie and ran around to get her she was laughing it was a pretty good night.

Well looks like I shall be watching Happy Feet 2 myself.

This Blog.

Just got my sister to make me a blog dont know what it is or how to use it but I got her to make me one anyways.

I finished work yesterday I went out shopping got myself a cute yellow cup with a face on it and a book to make a sock animal I dont know if I want to keep it or give it as a xmas present.  I got them from a shop called travellingman It is like a Anime shop sells books,comics to t-shirts its not a bad shop I dont go in there much just when I am in town and got no where to go. Thats my new cup I think it was £8.95 . And I will start my proper blogging on Monday to start a new.