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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Came today.

Got home from work i did an extra hour over time. They was putting me down for a 20 minute break even though i was working 8 hours i dont think so i took 30  plus my boss was there did i care NOPE if she didnt like it so what. soon as i finished i set of home waited like 5 minutes for the number 42 bus soon as i got home i saw my parcel it was my Butler and Wilson Necklace arrived YAY ME! its so sparkly and soooo colourful tehe i cant wait for the sun to come out it will look amazing :D I even coloured my hair hair last night half black and half purple i dont have photos just yet for i havent been out so i might make my self up and take photos just to show my hair here are some photos of my necklace and even my crocodile head ring again butler and wilson:

Me with my pink circle lenses.

Me with my crocodile ring and my system apple ring (SAME AS KOZI FROM  MALICE MIZER)

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  1. WOW im amazed very much Jozi i also cant wait to see it in the sun it will rock peeps socks off lol.

    Cant wait to see your hair.